Two grips in one


Customcut and trim to desired length


420mm of pliable soft compound grip surface


ABD, customisable grips. The Kochwuerste grip set from ABD comes as a single ply single grip, yes a single grip…Siamese twins style, they are joined at the ends with the flange on the outsides. This gives you the option to cut the grip to your preferred width. If you find common grips are just too narrow, then these grips might be just what you are looking for. While standard grip width is around 140 mm you can get up to 210 mm if you cut the Kochwuerste grip in the middle, which should be more than enough.

ABD Kochwuerste Grips Custom Cut White

£11.99 Regular Price
£5.99Sale Price
    • Cut em to suit your style!
    • Super long and super grippy.
    • Each single grip is 420mm long.