The VOLT™ AXIS is the first of its kind and truly unmatched in regards to it’s specifications. Equipped with a Shimano STEPS 250W motor, Alfine Di2 8-speed gear hub and combined with a Gates CDX Carbon Belt Drive system.

It will be the first to integrate all these technologies into one foldable electric bicycle, placing it among the most advanced commuter e-bikes on the market. The result is one of the smoothest ebike rides available and weighing 16kg one that can be easily stored away or lifted into a bus, train or car. (For convenience, when folded the bike will lock neatly together thanks to a system of strategically placed magnetic contacts)

The Gates CDX carbon belt drive system is constructed of stretch-free carbon-fibre tensile cords covered by a weather-proofing polyurethane shell. In translation, it is remarkably smooth, silent and much lighter than a traditional bike chain! Also, because it requires no lubricant, it is infinitely easier to keep clean and practically maintenance-free.

The 8-speed DI2 gear hub comes pre-loaded with fully-automatic gear shifting, providing fully automated gear changes at the touch of a button, removing the need to do anything but pedal. Allowing you to better enjoy a seriously slick and silent journey.

Shimano STEPS being the most lightweight motor system on the market coupled with a high capacity 36V Lithium Sony battery means you will be able to achieve 60 miles from one charge. With a lifetime of 1000 charge-discharge cycles the Sony battery will power the ebike for many updates to come. When software updates are available, we are able to quite simply plug the AXIS into a computer and upgrade it’s motor software.

On top of all the e-bike tech, the Axis comes with a set of chunky 20x2.1'' Schwalbe Big Apple tyres to withstand the knocks of daily use on the streets. Both the front and rear wheels are fitted with Shimano Alfine hydraulic disc-brakes to provide braking power you can rely on.


Shimano STEPS & VOLT™

When designing e-bikes, our ultimate aim is to bring something to the market which surpasses the standards of anything else available. With the "Shimano-Steps" VOLT™ Infinity we believe we have once again achieved this.

Pairing our design and manufacturing skills with the cycling expertise of Shimano, the Infinity is an electric bike you're guaranteed to fall in love with! Featuring Shimano’s central crank drive motor system "Shimano-Steps", this e-bike offers the most sophisticated pedal assist program available.

Shimano was an easy choice for us. Since 1921 they have been producing the best and most reliable bicycle components available and through extensive testing of other central crank motor brands, we realised that the Shimano-Steps drive system achieves standards other manufacturers could only dream of.

Volt Axis Folding Shimano Steps Electric Bike

  • Category Shimano STEPS E-bike
    LCD Display Shimano LCD display showing speed, distance, battery power and gears
    Frame High Grade Reinforced Aluminium 6061 T6 Frame
    Weight 16.00 kg without batteries / 18.65 kg with battery
    Max Person Weight Max 100 kg (Depending on the settings of dampers)
    Max Weight (rider) 100 Kg
    Frame Size 20 Inches
    Chain SHIMANO
    Rims Aluminium Double Wall Reinforced Alex Rim DP19
    Tyres Schwalbe big apple 20 x 2.10
    Seat Velo
    Seat Post Zoom
    Gears Shimano 8 Speed Alfine DI2
    Brakes Shimano S700 Alfine Hydraulic Front Disc / Rear Disc
    Lights Dutch Spanninga



    Motor Features 

    Motor 250W Shimano STEPS
    Max Speed Assisted Motor Speed: 15.5 mph or 25 kmh
    Location of Motor Mid-frame (crank drive)


    Battery Type Sony Lithium
    Battery Weight 2.65 kg
    Power 36V Standard 418Wh
    Distance 60+ miles under Eco PAS mode
    Lifetime 1000 charge-discharge cycles
    Charge Time 3 to 4 hours
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